ArtPrize exists to foster a dynamic conversation around creativity and the arts. Over the last five years, we've succeeded in bringing people together, building a sense of community, and supporting a prosperous economic future for our region. Environmental responsibility lives at the heart of this intersection.

ArtPrize is in a unique position to showcase both the social imperative and the economic benefits of sustainability, and we're eager to join the strong movement that already exists in West Michigan supporting the restoration of environmental integrity, the improvement of economic prosperity, and the promotion of social equity.

This month we were offered the opportunity to participate in a Greening ArtPrize Charrette hosted by the West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum. At their annual meeting, 80 community leaders and sustainability enthusiasts shared an hour of their time with us, mapping out a framework for incorporating near- and long-term sustainability improvements into our event. This exercise gifted us with clear direction around education, appropriate metrics of success, and goal-setting in the areas of climate change, waste, social equity, transportation, public and private spaces, and artist and venue relations.

Three cheers and a big thank you to the WMSBF for setting us up for success! We are delighted by the community support we're already getting in our efforts to green ArtPrize.

The Plan

Designed to challenge both ourselves and our community partners, The ArtPrize Sustainability Plan is structured around four themes: climate change, waste management, inclusion, and healthy living. This overall plan addresses social, environmental, and fiscal responsibility.

Long-term, we hope to deliver a citywide event that is both carbon-neutral and zero-waste. In addition, we're exploring the potential to educate and influence our community around energy use, water conservation, local food systems and our overall ecological footprint.

Our priority issues:

  • Carbon management to deliver a citywide low-carbon event
  • Delivering a citywide zero-waste event
  • Providing sustainable and accessible transportation solutions
  • Using ArtPrize to showcase the social and economic benefits of sustainability
  • Ensuring that ArtPrize contributes to the activation of under-represented communities in greater Grand Rapids
  • Promoting sustainable living by making sustainability a visible part of ArtPrize
  • Health and wellness
  • Event accessibility
  • Building social capital

We want to invite you into this exciting movement to green up ArtPrize. Change will happen in big ways because of the small actions each one of us take. Happy Earth Day, friends of ArtPrize!

By Amelea Pegman on