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Returning for ArtPrize Seven as part of our alternative transportation solutions are the ArtPrize Pathways. Nearly 10 miles of Pathways will serve as a canvas for the color experts at X-Rite Pantone, who will wield their color palette to emphasize and differentiate between the seven ArtPrize neighborhoods. Whimsical sidewalk and street applications throughout each Pathway, including a Pantone Hopscotch and Crosswalk, are designed to serve as a starting point for you to discover—or rediscover—our city and create your own adventure.

Each Pathway is a starting point, and we encourage you to venture off the beaten path. However, you'll never have to stray too far—90% of ArtPrize venues are within one block of a Pathway.

Heartside Pathway | 2.1 miles

This Pathway links you to the ArtPrize HUB along with two popular destinations for artistic and creative minds—the UICA and the Avenue for the Arts. The diverse neighborhood is home to many galleries, studios, and a vibrant community committed to exploring new ideas. See all Heartside Venues.


Center City Pathway | 2.2 miles

The most energetic area of ArtPrize intersects with restaurants, nightlife, museums, shopping, and Rosa Parks Circle, where family activities, concerts, and contest announcements take place. Featuring the Grand River, Monroe Center, and an ArtPrize Voting Site and Information Booth, this Pathway will guide you through a variety of engaging venues and exciting views. See all Center City Venues.

Hillside Pathway | 1.8 miles

Rising above the Grand River is the Hillside neighborhood, one of the area’s oldest, grandest, and most architectually intriguing. It owes its character to the Heritage Hill Association, an historic preservation district founded in 1968. Take this Pathway to explore the Women’s City Club and St. Cecilia’s Music Center, as well as Park Congregational Church, the oldest public building in Grand Rapids. See all Hillside Venues.

Monroe North / Westside Pathway | 2.4 miles

This Pathway follows the banks of the Grand River and crosses over the historic 6th Street Bridge and the Gillett pedestrian bridge—linking two dynamic communities. Discover natural landscapes in riverside parks, see small businesses exemplifying the city’s focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, and an appreciation for history in the Grand Rapids Public Museum and Ah-Nab-Awen Park. See all Westside Venues and Monroe North Venues.

Access Art Pathway | 1.2 miles

While all ArtPrize Pathways are created to provide the least amount of barriers to visitors, the 1.2-mile Access Art Pathway is curated with visitors’ mobility in mind, specifically individuals who use wheelchairs, walkers, or strollers. This route will take visitors into the Center City and Heartside Neighborhoods, running past the Grand Rapids Art Museum, the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, the ArtPrize HUB, and 250 Monroe—where two ArtPrize Pitch Night-winning entries will be on display.

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