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You don’t need to be an expert to experience and enjoy ArtPrize! This 18-day, city-wide event is enjoyed by people of all ages, including kids! Below is a list of some of the best kid-friendly exhibits that will encourage curiosity and imagination. 

Robot  Resurrection

Artist: Shane Evans

Venue: Peppinos Downtown

Robot Resurrection is a 30 foot tall, human piloted, articulating, fire shooting sculpture made from 90% recycled materials and reclaimed airplane parts. From the torso cockpit, the operator(s) manipulate the Robot’s motions and fire effects. Night time displays include lasers and various lighting effects.

Shape Maze

Artist: Michelle Kliman

Venue: David. D. Hunting YMCA

Shape Maze is a site-specific, interactive installation of colorful tracks which are navigated by large, 3D shapes. The public is invited to return to their childhood by moving the shapes through the giant maze. Shape Maze provides a joyful moment for the young and young at heart, and celebrates the importance of play in our lives. 

The Lamplighter

Artist: Tyler & Ashley Voorhees

Venue: Grand Rapids Public Museum

The Lamplighter is a 12.5 foot tall interactive sculpture constructed of hundreds of antiquated tools and wooden remnants. It features a long-limbed lamplighter sitting atop a tall bike, illuminating the night as he lights a streetlamp. The Lamplighter harks back to the early days when streets of most towns and cities were lit by gas lamps. By means of long poles, ladders, and even tall bikes, these lamps had to be lit each night as dusk turned to darkness. We all carry light within us and The Lamplighter symbolizes a collective connection to spread that light.

My Grand Rapids

Artist: Judy A. Steiner

Venue: Canopy by Hilton

"My Grand Rapids" is a composite of many individual paintings of Grand Rapids buildings and points of interest. This grouping will have around 30-40 paintings ranging in sizes of 6x12", 12x12", 12x18", and 12x24". To encourage participation with the piece and ArtPrize, coloring pages of each image will be offered. 

Portion of Mine

Artist: Mandy Cano Villalobos

Venue: Grand Rapids Public Museum

This project is an interactive installation that builds upon communal ideas of home, memory and belonging. The simple, house-like structure consists of an interior and exterior. The interior space is crammed with books, trinkets, toys, clothing, lamps, televisions, papers and other personal possessions, and is only accessible to viewers through a window barrier. The exterior surface is the site of viewer participation. Throughout the duration of ArtPrize, viewers will contribute symbols of home in the form of notes, photographs and objects. As the work progresses, the exterior wall becomes covered with these paper contributions.

We Are Not Extinct 

Artist: Kelly Anderson

Venue: Fifth-Third Plaza

Each of these six dinosaurs will be themed to an industry impacted by COVID. The main program will have an Augmented reality experience where the Dino’s will come to life and interact in some form with the audience. The idea is to create a visually dynamic interactive display that educates the public on the impact, industries impacted by the pandemic.

One World Safari

Artist: Monte de Gallo

Venue: Gerald R. Ford Federal Building US Courthouse

This entry will encompass a menagerie of 8 life-like and life-size sculptures of African animals and 1 life-size rainbow glitter unicorn - all made of salvage steel over the the course of 9 years. This exhibit will allow spectators the ability to enjoy these magnificent and mystical creatures out of captivity. 

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