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We're pleased to announce our returning partnership with the city of Grand Rapids and Downtown Grand Rapids, Inc. to hire curators to work with the City to place artwork in City Venues during ArtPrize. Just like our open call for artists, curators responding to this opportunity can be from anywhere in the world. Curators can be individuals, teams, or organizations. 

Each curator will receive a project stipend to cover their time and help offset the costs of the artist projects they select. Anyone from anywhere can apply to be a City curator and, while experience as a curator or work on similar projects is a big plus, it isn’t strictly required.

Application Process

In order to apply to be a curator of a City Venue, you need to submit an application via e-mail to curators@artprize.org before April 6, 2015. Applications should include:

  • Proposal (500 word max)—What would you like to do in a park? This could be quite specific, with a particular Venue and certain Artists in mind, or it could be a more general plan that you could adapt to fit different spaces.
  • Up to 10 images—These could be works by Artists you know you'd like to show, renderings, or documentation of past curatorial projects.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Technical and safety considerations for the installations (if work is selected)

Once the applications are submitted, officials with the City of Grand Rapids will contact all selected curators to discuss Venue assignments and compensation. Compensation will depend on the number and size of the Venues a curator agrees to manage, as well as relevant past experience.

The City seeks proposals from curators for the following spaces:

Primary City Venues

Secondary City Venues

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