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How to Support Local Businesses During Social Distancing

By Jaenell Woods on

Now is a time for coming together while staying apart. Our city’s businesses, restaurants, museums, galleries, theaters and more are going through a difficult time as social distancing keeps us from dining out, grabbing drinks with friends, catching a movie, checking out the latest exhibition. We need to rally together to help keep their cash flow moving so they can take care of their employees and ride out this uncertain time. Below are a few ideas.

✔️Buy gift cards for a…

All Things ArtPrize 10 Artist Week

By Jaenell Woods on

As an artist, you hold an honored place in the ArtPrize family. To further elevate all that you do, we're thrilled to present the second annual ArtPrize Artist Week, taking place September…

3 Ways to Reduce Your Impact at ArtPrize

By Jaenell Woods on

It’s undeniable. When 500,000 people converge on three-square miles of a city over 19 days, there’s bound to be an increase in waste created. Reducing the overall ecological footprint of…

4 Reasons to Vote at ArtPrize

By Jaenell Woods on

As an ArtPrize visitor, you get to decide the winners of $250,000 in cash prizes, including the $200,000 Public Vote Grand Prize. Your votes, cast via smartphone on on your computer, are a…