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Meet The Volunteers: HUB Lead Experience

By Iryna Bilan on

Our topic in today’s blog post will be about the volunteering position that combines responsibility and hospitality. These two ingredients mixed in the same bowl create a successful visit to ArtPrize for anyone. We’ll talk about fun stories, challenges, different scenarios of communicating with visitors, and unexpected moments that any HUB Lead Volunteer could experience in a single shift.

Our volunteer for this conversation is Justin Smith. Last year he spent almost everyday at the…

Meet The Volunteers: Retail Lead Experience

By Iryna Bilan on

Our last conversation will be about the Retail Volunteer position. Every year ArtPrize creates a variety of merchandise designed specifically for the event. Retail volunteers are the people…

Meet the Volunteers: Wayfinding Experience

By Iryna Bilan on

In preparation for ArtPrize Seven, we reached out to our past volunteers and asked if they would share some of their experiences, giving others a better understanding of how volunteering for…

The Scent of Coffee

By Iryna Bilan on

When you move to a different country or even city for a while, you miss some things from your past lifestyle for sure. One of the ways I’ve found to make this transition process smoother and…

Museums and the Visitor Experience

By Iryna Bilan on

Sometimes in your life an event happens that changes your thoughts and gives another perspective on what you want to do in the future. Or it inspires you. Or it provokes you to action.