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A Message about ArtPrize, Social Equity, and Inclusion

By Christian Gaines on

An Open Letter to Steve Lambert

Hello Steve,

Christian Gaines here—I am the executive director of ArtPrize. I’d like to respond to your questions.

First, you were wondering where the Grand Rapids Community Foundation grant came from, and what it’s for, specifically. A quick Google search will turn that up and you can also read about it on our blog. Specifically, this grant is intended to help us with our diversity and inclusion work. In addition to our efforts welcoming and…

ArtPrize Season is Officially Underway

By Christian Gaines on

Last Monday, March 10 marked a beginning – a kickoff of sorts – of the official ArtPrize Season, because that’s when ArtPrize Venue Registration officially launched.  And in our first week,…