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Beyond ArtPrize Nine: Keep the Energy of the Event Alive in Your Classroom

By Becca Guyette on

ArtPrize Nine came to a close just a few weeks ago, but there are still plenty of ways to keep the energy of the event alive in your classroom! Below are five fun ideas to cultivate connection points to your ArtPrize field trip year-round.

1. Create A Pop-Up Museum.

At ArtPrize Nine, your students had the unique opportunity to visit a variety of venues and different curatorial approaches. Take time to reflect on the art of curating and empower your students to organize their…

ArtPrize Education: Curiosity Unleashed

By Becca Guyette on

“It inspired me to want to help—be part of change.”

This comment came from a sixth-grade student and ignited in me a sense of hope that I’ve had trouble finding amidst the uncertainty of…

Top 5 Tips for ArtPrizing with Kids

By Becca Guyette on

At ArtPrize, we're thrilled to offer families and people of all ages unique experiential learning opportunities through free activities, events, and expert-produced activity resources. Below…

All Arts and All Abilities

By Becca Guyette on

Artists Creating Together (ACT) is a new educational partner for ArtPrize Seven. ACT empowers individuals with disabilites through the arts and offers a varity of programs throughout the…

Designing History

By Becca Guyette on

The Grand Rapids Public Museum (GRPM), a long time ArtPrize Education Days partner, is launching an exciting educational initiative, marking a new chapter in the history of their organization…

The Art of Play

By Becca Guyette on

The Grand Rapids Children’s Museum celebrates the art of play and promotes learning through interactive, hands-on environments and programs. We are excited to partner with their fun and…

ArtPrize Tips For Educators

By Becca Guyette on

It's never too early to start planning a field trip to ArtPrize! Here are some tips to get you started:

Free Programs

ArtPrize offers programs for school groups administered by leading…