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Voting during ArtPrize

By Annie DeYoung on

ArtPrize is TOMORROW! You know what this means? VOTING! You know what voting means? MAPS! With ArtPrize opening tomorrow at 12pm it is important that you register to vote and put on your critiquing goggles. This simple process of voting is the easiest way to get involved with ArtPrize and experience it to the fullest.

How to Register You must register every year before voting. There are two ways you can register to vote:

1.) Free ArtPrize Mobile App This is the quickest and…

The ArtPrize Experience

By Annie DeYoung on

As the Experience Coordinator, I explore the whole of ArtPrize as well as the question: 

What is ArtPrize?

ArtPrize is 19 days full of creative exploration, critical conversations,…