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What is ArtPrize Tonight?

For 19 days each Fall, ArtPrize permeates downtown Grand Rapids. As the event continues to gain in momentum and notoriety, visitors travel from across the country and, increasingly, the globe to explore the world’s largest art competition.

Many of these folks aren’t just dropping by for the afternoon. Often ArtPrize serves as a vacation, with visitors enjoying extended stays in the city and immersing themselves in all that Grand Rapids has to offer. After a full day of gallery-going, after ArtPrize Venues have closed and the evening lays stretched out before them, where can these visitors go to switch gears and experience the city and event in a different way?

That’s where ArtPrize Tonight comes in. It's an umbrella term, designed to offer local and visiting ArtPrizers alike a comprehensive, accessible rundown of what’s occurring every evening of the event. ArtPrize Tonight concurrently shines a well-deserved spotlight on many of the world-class entertainment establishments that reside in this the city, collecting all of this information in one prominent and trusted place at

There are three facets to ArtPrize Tonight programming

  1. ON STAGE: Brings the energy of live performance to the ArtPrize night scene. Including musical, theatrical, and comedy performances across a variety of venues, including Rosa Parks Circle.
  2. ON SCREEN: A series of film, video, and interactive works, largely curated by the Waterfront Film Festival. Evening screenings will be shown at various venues across downtown.
  3. CRITICAL DISCOURSE: A seven-day series of panel discussions and art critiques, which includes the televised, “Why These Finalists” programs. Informative and challenging, Critical Discourse is charged conversation providing art-world context to the ArtPrize event.

Please note: You do not have to be a participating ArtPrize Seven Venue, Sponsor or Artist to be included in ArtPrize Tonight, but these participants will receive priority.

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