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I couldn’t have done a much better job than Experience GR did when explaining all of the details behind what you need to prepare for with an event like ArtPrize. The article titled, “Top 10 Tips for Getting the Most out of ArtPrize,” really explains in detail what you should know before tackling this event. It is mostly unpredictable. Not only to you, but to us as well, creating 19 days of excitement. We love that people from around the world come in to the city and make it their own. ArtPrize is here to show you what Grand Rapids has to offer and to let you off, like kids in a candy store. Make sure to eat all the “cookie crumb thoughts” and chew on a stick of “imagination gum”.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about ArtPrize is energy, conversation, and ART! But Experience GR is right by laying out all the necessities when exploring through a city filled with creativity, bursting at the seams with people, high spirits and a multitude of activities, and perhaps doing all this with a child by your side.

Planning ahead is key.

They explain that comfort is crucial, and it is. Checking the weather, wearing your comfy kicks, and eliminating as much weight in bags as possible really will make a difference when traveling by foot through the ArtPrize. With many great restaurants in the city, you're sure to find a exceptional place to relax and enjoy a great meal. Make sure to check out the artist and venue listing’s online to search out the work that intrigues you and the venues that might be on your path. Speaking of paths, ArtPrize has created 5 of them to walk by foot that is also a great way to get around ArtPrize, and another reason why being comfortable is important.

Now with all that on your mind what are you actually planning to bring? Being light is important but being able to enjoy ArtPrize as a whole is even more essential. A camera/smartphone, some cash, and your swimsuit are all great things to have while at ArtPrize. Sharing photos with your friends can allow for them to join in the fun whether they are at ArtPrize or not. Heading to your hotel or out to the lake can be an activity to look forward to during your planned relaxation time.

What is the easiest way to enjoy ArtPrize? Voting. By voting you get to have a voice in who receives the $560,000 in dissected prizes. So in doing so you must register to vote, and you’ll receive a free map which guides you around the ArtPrize District as well as provides you with transportation options. A quicker, easier, way of registering is downloading the mobile app where you can find a map, a list of art and venues, as well as a voting button found close to your side throughout ArtPrize. To be able to learn more and explore more our Event Guide has all of this information as well as the history, the prizes, how we educate, ArtClub member details, walking paths and neighborhood details, as well as much MUCH more for your ArtPrize needs.

You’ve heard me say, “this is important, and that is important,” but what we all really need to remember during ArtPrize is the final tip of the Experience GR list. That is to BE ORIGINAL. ArtPrize is about experiencing something new, learning about something bigger, framing your perspective and growing from all of that. So remember to be original and create critical dialogue about what you love and what you see.

As I have said before, ArtPrize is here to showcase all of the existing tools that Grand Rapids has to offer and Experience GR is most definitely one of those tools. For all details Grand Rapids related search through experiencegr.com and please read the article, “Top 10 Tips for Getting the Most out of ArtPrize,” as it will help you plan for ArtPrize 2013 and focus your lens on what’s important when coming to ArtPrize.

By Annie DeYoung on