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Welcome to the Official ArtPrize Seven App, now available for free download via the App Store and Google Play! This short video will help familiarize you with some of the App’s key features and functionality, including art discovery, making and sharing Lists, registering and voting, navigation, news and events, and more. Here we go!

App Overview / First Launch

When you first open the app, you’ll be greeted with a quick look / overview. Swipe through several slides and touch continue to proceed to sign-in. The first time you open the app, you’ll be asked to sign in or create a new account. If you’ve already created an account at artprize.org, you can use that same e-mail and password to log into the App. You can also sign in or create a new account with one touch using Facebook. Or, create a new account with your e-mail and a password right within the App.

Discover View

The App’s Discover View is where you’ll find key events, recent blog posts, and other highlights. During the event, check back here daily for the latest updates.


The Lists tab is where you'll create, manage and share your lists of artwork you most want to see during ArtPrize Seven.

Create a new List

  • Touch the small "+" in the upper right hand corner of the page. The Create List page will come up.
  • Give your list a name.
  • Add a description if you’d like.
  • Choose whether to make your list private (Lists are public by default).
  • Touch “Create List.”

Add Entries to Your List

  • Back in the Lists page, touch the magnifying glass icon in the upper left corner of the page.
  • Enter your search. On the results page, you can filter by Artists, Entries, Venues and Events.
  • Touch a result to view more details.
  • Touch “Add to a List.”
  • Pick the list you’d like to add to.
  • Note that you can also create a new list from this page.

Edit Your List

  • The options at the top of the List page allow you to share a link to your list using the native iOS share sheet.
  • You can also edit your list to change the title or description. This is also where you’d delete your list if desired.


Voter registration for ArtPrize Seven will open on September 11, and Voting will begin on September 23. Check back for additional videos detailing registration and voting from within the app!

If you are here before September 23, 2015, you will see that voting for ArtPrize Seven has not yet begun! Come back to this page after ArtPrize Seven begins to vote for your favorite entries.

Register to Vote

  • Touch the Thumbs Up icon at the bottom of the screen and then “Register now.”
  • We need to verify that you are within the ArtPrize district in order to register. Touch “Verify your location” to continue.
  • Touch “Allow” to let the ArtPrize App use your current location (this is required to register via the app).
  • Enter your phone number, zip code and date of birth to request your registration code via SMS.

Interactive Map

The Interactive Map shows the location of all ArtPrize Seven venues and events relative to where you are. You can scroll and zoom the map to adjust the level of detail. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find several filters: “Venues Near You” and “Events Near You.”

Venues Near You

  • Touch “Venues Near You” to see the nearby venue list, sorted alphabetically.
  • Touch the “Filter” button in the top right corner to filter by “Free public bathroom," “Handicap accessible,” and “Free public parking.”
  • Touch any Venue in the list under the map to explore Venue details, and find a list of entries at that Venue.

Events Near You

  • From the Interactive Map’s main screen, touch “Events Near You” to see a list of upcoming events in chronological order. There is a filter bar above the events list, and you can scroll it left and right to filter by a particular day.
  • Select any event to see details, and to add the event to your calendar. (Touch “Allow” to give the ArtPrize App access to your calendar.)

Guide Page

Your one stop for what to see and how to see it. Here you’ll find convenient links to all ArtPrize Entries, Venues, Artists, and Events, plus links to the Official Rules of ArtPrize, instructions on How to Vote, and more.

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