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25 Exhibits With The Most Visitor Engagements

We are headed into the final stretch of ArtPrize 2021! This Friday, October 1st we will be announcing the winners live on WOOD TV8 from 7:00-8:00pm but before we do, we wanted to share a list of exhibits with the most visitor engagements to date for ArtPrize 2021. One of these pieces will walk away on Friday as the $50,000 Grand Prize Winner, exclusively sponsored by Wolverine Worldwide. Below is the list in no particular order. Click here to see the locations of these pieces.

Adolescent Echo Africa's Big Five Four Calling Birds Fleeting Moments of Light (Series of four seasons) Holy Black Angel
Dresses Made From Dictionaries Homes My Dearest Friends Project Serpentina the Dragon - ONE -
La Sirena Prance One World Safari The Seeker & The King Persistence
Worlds Above and Below Whimzey Wire World Love Me, Love Me Not Lions, Tigers, and Bear Oh My! Guardians of Sacred Space
"Charging Forward" - Mural A story of fire Before You Go Musical Plant Garden/Florganoleptic SeE tuRtLEs sWimmiNG



Over 160 Artists Have Won Cash Prizes!

The ArtPrize web-app, sponsored by Delta Dental, has received a tremendous amount of traffic this year, with more than $110,000 having been awarded to over 160 artists. You've all done an incredible job exploring, scanning, and awarding prize money to artists. There's still more to find though, so keep exploring downtown Grand Rapids and award it to the piece that you love. Here are all the monetary award winners to-date in no particular order.


Balance Sculpture & Paintings

"Found Blooms" Mural

Moose Goose Crew


Sword in the Sphinx

10:23 Before You Go Four Calling Birds Morning Spacewalk

Retro Maven


13 (13 paintings painted in 13 days to honor the 13 fallen heroes)

black & white

Grace and the Atlas Moth

Murder in the Woods


Revealing Science Take Shelter
21 Century Scream

Black is King

Growing Love Musical Plant Garden/Florganoleptic



Taking Back Control
3 Minute Art Model - Drawing Marathon Blight

Guardians of Sacred Space

My Dearest Friends Project Roads & Parks of Grand Rapids Terminal
A Reservation for the Current Occupant(s)

Blue Heron

Her Beauty Gained Her Everything She had ever Dreamt of. . .and Much More

My Gaia

Robot Resurrection The 20ths of January (Lunar Eclipse over Grand Rapids)

A Simpler Time

"Charging Forward" - Mural


Nature's Prayers: Wolf's Prayer, Bee's Prayer and Whale's Prayer

Safari Series: Fear Breaker, My Sweet Giraffe, Beyond the Zebra, Mr. Elephant

The ABBy = AI + Ballet + Bridge

A story of fire Checking Inn

Holy Black Angel

- ONE - Seasonal Transitions The Gambler

A Work of Heart

Come Together and Overcome Together Homes One World Safari SeE tuRtLEs sWimmiNG The Glass Garden
Adolescent Echo Connections

I Could, Forever.

Oops Series Serpentina the Dragon The Heartside Park Basketball Court Project
Africa's Big Five

Covid Purse Diary

Ile Itaja - Shoppinglist

Out of Place

She Breathes Life The Many Faces of Quarantine
Aging Out / 18 years old

Dans Mon Mode: Cosmic Floating

"I'm still here"

Paper Cinderella

Silent Epidemic The Menagerie Tree Corner
All around you. Deeply Rooted

In Remembrance

Peacocks In Magnolias Skip the Light Fandango


An Imperfect History Dresses Made From Dictionaries

Intergalactic Arts Federation



The Poppy Project


Egg Prize 2021

Inviting Inspiration

Phantoms Soma Blooms The Seeker & The King
And On the Fifth & Sixth Day Elvis

La Sirena

"POP GOES GRAND RAPIDS!" Sometimes We Get Lost Along The Way The Spots of Youth
Are You There Norman? It’s Me, Adam the Painter (The Boys) Elyse et Le Chat

Lions, Tigers, and Bear Oh My!

Postcards from Home

Son of Man

The Wheel

Art pod Embrace

Lost Time Gained

Prance Sounds of the Soul Thinking Man
Art Under Siege

Emerald Waves Triptych - Gem 1, 2, 3

Love Me, Love Me Not

Proud of where we are

Standing Guard

This Loss We Carry
ARTgarden Fallasburg Covered Bridge Under the Stars

LOVE, reflected

Reaching the Unattainable

Strange Fruit: A Century of Lynching and Murder 1865-1965 Tiny Sculptures
"Ask the Animals and They Wil..."

Finding Peace

Loves Comes in Every Color

Recycle Trans Strength For Today Todd Reed: 50 Years Seeing Michigan Through a Lens
Auset Alqamar - Isis of the Moon Fleeting Moments of Light (Series of four seasons)

Menopause: Hot Flash Meets Mr. Chill





Floating at the Edge

Millefiori Monsters

"Remember me. collect series"

Sunset Hike in Sedona

Together/Seperate; Beauty in a Pandemic
Awestruck Kirby Bot

Floating Up The River

Monster Mayhem Remnant

Super Dream


USS Constitution


Verge of Extinction (Medium: DUCT TAPE)

VH 1991: A Van Halen Tribute

Vincent’s Garden

We the People

What Remains

Where Will All the Wild Things Go

Whimsical Enchantment

Whimzey Wire World

Whos Protecting Whom?

Windows of Opportunity

Winter at Brengman's

Within The Mitten

Worlds Above and Below

Yoni: Life's Portal

You, Me and a Butterfly


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