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This month at ArtPrize on Tap, attendees gathered in Founder’s Centennial Room for a comprehensive overview of ArtPrize 2014, orchestrated by ArtPrize's Todd Herring, director of marketing and all-around funny fellow. Using the new ArtPrize event guide and a liberal dose of humor, Herring walked a full house of ArtPrizers through the biggest changes to this year’s event and shared some tips and tricks on how to ArtPrize like a pro.

Herring began with every ArtPrizer’s must have “manual”—the event guide. “We work all year long to align the planets and produce the ArtPrize Event Guide,” said Herring. “This is the manifestation of an epic collaboration, the teamwork of literally tens of thousands of people.”

It may take tens of thousands of people to make the Event Guide happen, but it takes hundreds of thousands to make ArtPrize a reality. “ArtPrize is radically open by design,” explained Herring. “We at ArtPrize may facilitate an eco-system in which Artists and Venues can make a connection but, ultimately, ArtPrize is individually organized. You make ArtPrize a success.”

Herring implored people to vote. “Voting really is the best way to get involved with ArtPrize. Be discerning and vote often,” he advised. The very act of committing to a vote is one of the most tangible forms of participation available to visitors and ultimately sparks many of the millions of conversations that erupt from ArtPrize each year.

Herring addressed the theme of ArtPrize 2014: Curiosity Rewarded. “Curiosity is a very basic human instinct and something we believe everyone connects on. It is what drives humanity forward,” Herring mused. "It is also curiosity that keeps ArtPrize moving forward. It is your curiosity as participants—in any capacity—that informs the way ArtPrize changes each year."

Herring spoke about the significance of many of the new relationships that ArtPrize has recently forged, including the partnerships with Art21 and Ascentcare. “We wanted to make sure that, as well as being radically open, ArtPrize is radically inclusive,” said Herring.

Part of that inclusivity includes the restructuring of the ArtPrize Pathways. This year the four ArtPrize Pathways are shorter and more comprehensive than previous years. Combined, they touch on 95% of ArtPrize Venues. All Pathways are fully accessible, but the AccessArt Pathway has been specifically designed with mobility in mind.

Herring discussed sustainability at ArtPrize 2014. “There are many new initiatives at ArtPrize this year to try and reduce event emissions,” Herring explained. “It has been great to see how many of these new practices have really taken root in everything that we do.”

Spearheaded by Amelea Pegman, ArtPrize director of community relations, new sustainability practices will encourage ArtPrize visitors to more closely consider the disposal of their waste with Organicycle, ditch the plastic bottles with Water Share stations, take their bicycle for a spin with bike valets, or park and ride using The Rapid’s Silver Line service.

Finally Herring covered some of the events happening at ArtPrize 2014, with particular focus on Critical Discourse. This event within an event has been greatly expanded from last year and is comprised of seven different panelled discussions on a diverse array of subjects, with a whole host of arts professionals taking part in the conversation. Herring urged visitors to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Amelea Pegman wrapped up this penultimate ArtPrize on Tap of the season with this poignant message: “We know you care a lot about this event, and we care a lot about you.”

Happy ArtPrizing everyone!

About ArtPrize on Tap

ArtPrize on Tap is a monthly gathering that offers ArtClub members the opportunity to connect year-round, stay on the ArtPrize insider track with exclusive presentations from ArtPrize experts, curators, venues, and staff, and enjoy good food and beer with one of ArtPrize’s beloved sponsors, Founders Brewing Co. ArtPrize on Tap meets on the third Wednesday of every month in Founders' Centennial Room from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., with the presentation beginning at 6:00 p.m. Free for ArtClub members, other friends of ArtPrize can join us for $10. Reserve your spot through Eventbrite (ArtClub members will receive a promo code with their invites).

On tap for October 15: Come and give us your feedback on ArtPrize 2014. We will be hosting a town-hall style recap session in the Founders Centennial Room. Your input will help us to improve your future ArtPrize experiences.

Photos: (1) Todd Herring addresses a full house of ArtPrizers in the Founder’s Centennial Room; (2) Friends of ArtPrize enjoyed the new ArtPrize beer, Mosaic Promise, whilst checking out the event guide.


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