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For the fourth installment of ArtPrize on Tap, attendees were in high spirits as they tasted the new beer from ArtPrize’s official brewery, Founders Brewing Company. This is the second year that ArtPrize has partnered with Founders to produce an exclusive ArtPrize beer. Last year visitors enjoyed Founders’ Inspired Artist, a black IPA with a real kick.

This year will be a lighter affair. Mosaic Promise—so called because of the single malt Golden Promise and the single hop Mosaic from which it is brewed—packs less of a punch than many of Founder’s other offerings. At 5.5% ABV and with a smooth summery flavor, we’re certain it is going to be the perfect partner to many ArtPrize festivities.

The beer’s label will feature an entry from ArtPrize 2013 titled “Ninkasi” by local artist collective Kolenda Art Glass. Ninkasi is the ancient Sumerian goddess of beer. Founders purchased the piece after last year’s event and it currently resides in their taproom.

Founders Brewing Company has been a dedicated supporter of ArtPrize since the very beginning. At this month’s ArtPrize on Tap we took some time to celebrate that partnership. Executive Director of ArtPrize Christian Gaines shared some of his sentiments. “Artprize plus Founders equals art and beer heaven,” he said. “Founders has always been on board with the ArtPrize mission. We love working with them and we love drinking their beer.”

We also heard from Founders President John Green who shared a brief history of Founders and the various trials and tribulations that have led them to their current success. “We were, as many startups are, undercapitalized,” Green explained. “Founders has been very much about taking risks and relying on the incredible Grand Rapids community. Without this community we couldn’t have done what we have.”

When Founders first began they employed 18 people; today they have a staff of 252. In the past they brewed 6,000 barrels of beer a year; that has jumped to an astonishing 200,000 barrels. “In a lot of ways ArtPrize has been an inspiration to Founders,” said Green. “We have asked ourselves how we can be creative and innovative in the same way that ArtPrize does it.”

Mosaic Promise will be available in Founders’ taproom, on draft, and in bottles starting on Saturday, September 13. It will also be on sale in New York, Chicago, and Milwaukee. Proceeds from the sale of Mosaic Promise will go to benefit ArtPrize and its future programming.

ArtPrize on Tap is a monthly gathering that offers ArtClub members the opportunity to connect year-round, stay on the ArtPrize insider track with exclusive presentations from ArtPrize experts, curators, venues, and staff, and enjoy good food and beer with one of ArtPrize’s beloved sponsors, Founders Brewing Co. ArtPrize on Tap meets on the third Wednesday of every month in Founders' Centennial Room from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., with the presentation beginning at 6:00 p.m. Free for ArtClub members, other friends of ArtPrize can join us for $10. Reserve your spot through Eventbrite (ArtClub members will receive a promo code with their invites).

On tap on September 17: We will be focusing on “The Art of ArtPrizing,” discussing how to get the most out of out ArtPrize 2014!

Photos: (1) Christian Gaines speaking with friends of ArtPrize. (2) Founders Brewing Company President John Green. (3) Friends of ArtPrize enjoying the Centennial Room at Founders Brewing Company.

By Emma Higgins on