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The ArtPrize Education team works year-round to support projects and experiences that deepen students' learning around contemporary art and build on students' responses and projects generated from their ArtPrize Education Days field trips. Through ArtPrize education initiatives such as the spring collaboration featured below, we seek to create entry points for students to explore artwork that is challenging, provide a platform to discover unique perspectives, and ignite conversations about what art is and why it matters.

What happened this Spring?

This Spring, ArtPrize collaborated with the Cook Arts Center and Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts to design an extension of César E. Chávez Elementary students’ ArtPrize Education Days experience from Fall 2015.

What did the students do and learn?

With a focus on national arts standards, this program integrated social studies, as well as English and language arts, into the lesson plans. Students discovered the ways contemporary artists and community members collaborate to address and inform others about public issues; engaged in a creative collaborative project; participated in a range of discussions to build on new ideas and vocabulary; explored connections of visual art and social activism; as well as identified the difference between traditional and non-traditional exhibition spaces.

How can schools get involved with ArtPrize during and after the 19 days of the event?

Any PK–12 school can get involved in ArtPrize. We offer free programs throughout the 19-day event, transportation grants, lesson plans, and more. We work with school districts and after-school providers to design programs to meet their needs and connect to themes within their curriculum. In addition to that, ArtPrize Education Days Partners offer field trips to their arts and cultural institutions throughout the year and ArtPrize works closely with ArtPrize Partner Schools year-round to design best-practice resources and deepen their students' ArtPrize experience within the classroom.

Click here to learn more about ArtPrize Partner Schools. To find out how your school can get involved, email Becca at becca@artprize.org.

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