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1537 artist entries, submitted by artists from 51 countries and 42 U.S. states, will compete for $560,000 in prizes at the 6th annual event. Twenty-Five Artist Seed Grant Recipients Announced.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., June 20, 2014 – ArtPrize, the radically open international art competition today announced 1537 artist entries had connected with 175 venues to compete during the sixth annual event. Concurrent with the closing of Connections, ArtPrize announced the 25 recipients of the Artist Seed Grants presented by the Frey Foundation, who will each receive a $2,000 grant.

The final list of 1537 artist entries represents 51 countries and 42 U.S. states. All will compete for a combination of public vote and juried awards to secure part of the $560,000 in prizes to be awarded at the end of ArtPrize 2014.

“Every artist brings with them their own perspective about ArtPrize. Some will compete for the public vote, others will hope for a nod from our jury of experts. Many artists will get involved simply for the satisfaction of exhibiting good work, expanding networks of peers and mentors, pursuing professional opportunities, selling art and having fun,” said Christian Gaines, executive director of ArtPrize. “These ingredients – along with the enthusiastic involvement of 400,000 art lovers – serve to celebrate artists, transform an entire city and inspire a million conversations about art and why it matters.”

ArtPrize is unique in that the event comes together without a central curatorial system. More than 2,100 artists and 194 venues self-registered to participate in ArtPrize 2014. The event took shape during the Connections period, through which artists and venues found and matched with each other on artprize.org. Each venue coordinator curated their own art show, selecting the Artist Entries to display in their space during the 19-day exhibition.

The United Kingdom and Canada will lead the international presence at ArtPrize 2014, as more than 11% of artists will represent other countries at the event. More than 31% of artists will come from outside Michigan, with Illinois and New York leading the U.S. representation, and California with the highest representation outside of the Great Lakes region this fall.

“ArtPrize is an unconventional art platform. Its intellectual and aesthetic conflict is its greatest strength and causes a friction that energizes the production and discussion of art in a way that a traditional competition or art-show model does not,” said Kevin Buist, director of exhibitions at ArtPrize.

This year’s new awards structure with parallel tracks of public vote and juried awards attracted artists from around the world to enter ArtPrize 2014. Artists submitted their work into one of four categories – 2-D, 3-D, Time-Based, or Installation – to vie for a share of $560,000 in prizes. The top public vote getter in each category will win $20,000 with the $200,000 Public Vote Grand Prize going to the artist that earns the most votes overall. This structure mirrors the juried awards, in which each Category Juror will assess their respective categories and award $20,000 to each category winner. The Category Jurors will select an additional four notable artists in each category for a total of 20 artists who will compete for the $200,000 Juried Grand Prize adjudicated by a three-person Grand Prize Jury.

The newly minted Artist Seed Grants presented by the Frey Foundation drew 214 applications from registered ArtPrize Artists hoping for one of 25 grants valued at $2,000 each. A panel of art critics and experts, including Cranbrook Academy of Art and Art Museum director Reed Kroloff and Grand Rapids Art Museum director and CEO Dana Friis-Hansen, reviewed the applications, seeking ambitious and challenging ArtPrize entries from Artists who demonstrated both financial need and artistic merit. The panel selected the following 25 winning artists:

  • Aaron Nemec, “Hey YouTube, It’s Me”
  • Al Wildey, “Not a Destination”
  • Alex Podesta, “Self-Portrait as Bunnies (The Bathers)”
  • Andrea Myers, “Reflex/Reflects”
  • Benjamin Jones, “This Land is Your Land”
  • Brian Balderston, “Space Drawing #36”
  • Christopher Capozziello, “The Distance Between Us”
  • Crystal Wagner, “Bio Interloper”
  • Dana Lynn Harper, “Bloom Bloom”
  • Darryl Lauster, “God Bless America”
  • Dave Rowe, “Art is Hard, Life is Easy”
  • Denis Beaubois, “Currency – The Division of Labor”
  • Flint Public Art Project, “Sliding Architecture”
  • Gwendolyn Terry, “Murmuration”
  • Hubert Dobler, “ROUNDABOUT2”
  • Julie Schenkelberg, “Divinity Intrusion”
  • Lisa Mueller-Trede, “crossed situation”
  • Maurice Jacobson, “We All Live in Gaza”
  • Megan Mosholder, “’Mijimendan vta Ziibi’ (Remember the River)”
  • Micah Silver, “MusicX”
  • Michael McGillis, “Your Back to the Woods”
  • Michael Murphy, “Tentatively Untitled”
  • Stephen Dueweke, “playCAGE”
  • Steve Lambert, “Capitalism Works for Me”
  • Tracy Snelling, “The Stranger”

The sixth edition of ArtPrize will take place from September 24 to October 12, 2014 and is expected to attract more than 400,000 visitors who will vote on the winner of the world’s largest art prize.  A complete list of participating Artists and Venues can be viewed at artprize.org/entries.

About ArtPrize

ArtPrize is an international art competition, open to any artist and decided by public vote. It invites artists to try out new ideas on a large and diverse population of people. It seeks to broaden the critical dialogue around contemporary art by awarding the world’s largest art prize, at $560,000. Registered artists and venues connect online at artprize.org and agree to present the artwork for public display during the 19-day event. The public votes using mobile devices and the web to distribute $260,000, while an additional $300,000 in juried awards are decided by a group of international art experts. ArtPrize 2013 included 1,524 entries representing 47 countries and 45 U.S. states and territories, and attracted more than 400,000 active participants. Since its inception, individuals of all backgrounds have cast more than 1.7 million votes for public art.

ArtPrize is made possible only through an ecosystem of organizations that take part in creating the world's largest, radically open art competition. The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is the Founding Sponsor for ArtPrize. Premier Leadership Sponsors include Amway, The Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation, Founders Brewing Company, Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University, Meijer, PNC Bank and The Rapid. Consumers Energy, CWD Real Estate, The Daniel and Pamella DeVos Foundation, The Douglas and Maria DeVos Foundation, The Frey Foundation, Haworth, The Iserv Company, Steelcase Inc., Square One Design, Trivalent Group | HP, The VanderWeide Family Foundation and Wolverine Worldwide participate as ArtPrize 2014's Leadership Sponsors. 

Photo Credit: Sleeping Bear Dunes by Anne Loveless, Public Vote Grand Prize Winner, ArtPrize 2013

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