"Flight" by Dale Rogers, 2012 Juried Award Winner

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., May 16, 2014 – ArtPrize, the radically open international art competition held annually in Grand Rapids, Michigan, today announced the professional Jurors who will be awarding five $20,000 category awards and selecting the shortlist of 20 artists eligible for the $200,000 Juried Grand Prize.

Nearly 1,200 artists have already submitted their work into one of four categories to be judged by the expert jury: 2-D, 3-D, Time Based or Installation.  More than 2,000 artists are expected to submit work before the June 5th registration deadline.  The fifth category award will not be awarded to an artist, but to a curator selected for the Outstanding Venue Juried Award.

The 2014 Category Jurors are: Andrew Russeth, Senior Editor of New York Observer’s Gallerist NY (2-D); Shamim Momin, head of the Los Angeles Nomadic Division and Adjunct Curator for the Whitney Museum of American Art (3-D); Hrag Vartanian, Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of Hyperallergic (Time-Based); Ariel Saldivar, Associate Director of The Goss-Michael Foundation (Installation); and Tumelo Mosaka, independent curator (Venue).

“This year’s jurors will challenge audiences to look more deeply at some of the most remarkable artwork on display, as well as drive the conversation around how art, cities, and audiences interact," said Kevin Buist, ArtPrize Director of Exhibitions.

The first weekend of the competition, September 27–28th, jurors will assess their categories and select a shortlist of five entries. On Monday, September 29th, the jurors will reveal each of their five Category artists during the Juried Awards Shortlist Event, televised live on NBC’s Grand Rapids affiliate, WOODTV 8. The 20 artists to earn a spot on one of the four shortlists will then be eligible for the $200,000 Juried Grand Prize decided by a panel of three experts who will be announced later this summer. The category award winners and the winner of the Juried Grand Prize will all be announced on Friday, October 10. 

ArtPrize selects Jurors based on their expertise in the given category, as well as their wide-ranging contribution to critical art discourse or curatorial practice. Each juror addresses through their own work significant issues central to the ArtPrize idea – how contemporary art engages new audiences, the shifting landscape of the art world in response to technology and the interaction and impact of art in urban spaces.

For 19 days each fall, ArtPrize occupies three square-miles of public and private venues across downtown Grand Rapids, MI, transforming the city into the most intriguing art event of the year. Open to any artist, ArtPrize awards visionary artists of all mediums and seeks to broaden critical and public dialogue around contemporary art. One of the largest competitions in the world, ArtPrize draws over 400,000 attendees and awards over half a million dollars to winners decided through public and juried vote in a unique competition that explores the tension between public and expert opinion.

As Hrag Vartanian elaborated on his appointment as juror for Time-based works:

Time-based art appeals to me because it is volatile and mercurial. I've followed the field closely for decades and have seen it develop and morph while slowly becoming part of the art world's mainstream. I love the blurring of boundaries in the field. It thrusts art into a realm that many people outside the art world find more familiar, and therefore approachable.

Andrew Russeth expresses his support of this unique ArtPrize approach:

One of the greatest things that ArtPrize seems to do, and that I think we should all be striving to do, is engage wider and more varied audiences for art that is being made today. Art is this incredibly wild field in which to talk about all sorts of important issues in society, and experience all kinds of rich pleasures, but it can also really remain fertile if more and more people become involved. Art only gets better, and more interesting, when everyone works for that.

Tumelo Mosaka reiterated the sentiment, stating:

I was drawn to ArtPrize by the buzz it has created in the art world. For one, there aren't that many art competitions providing such a generous award to artists today and having the public involved in the jury process makes this event unique. 

Artist Registration and Grant Deadlines

ArtPrize launched the new Artist Seed Grant program to offset the cost of especially ambitious and challenging entries and encourage artists to achieve the best possible artwork for ArtPrize 2014. Awarded on the basis of financial need and artistic merit, and determined by an Arts Advisory Council, 25 grants of $2,000 will be announced shortly after the May 20th deadline. Apply for your grant after registering online.

Artist registration for ArtPrize 2014 is currently open. Visit artprize.org to complete your Artist Registration before 5 p.m., June 5th.

About ArtPrize

ArtPrize is an international art competition, open to any artist and decided by public vote. It invites artists to try out new ideas on a large and diverse population of people. It seeks to broaden the critical dialogue around contemporary art by awarding the world’s largest art prize, at $560,000. Registered artists and venues connect online at www.artprize.org and agree to present the artwork for public display during the 19 day event. ArtPrize 2013 included 1,524 entries representing 47 countries and 45 U.S. states and territories, and attracted more than 400,000 active participants. Since its inception, individuals of all backgrounds have cast more than 2 million votes for public art. For more information, visit www.artprize.org.


September 24 – October 12, 2014


ArtPrize occupies three square-miles of public and private venues across downtown Grand Rapids, MI. For further venue information, visit www.artprize.org/venues.

ArtPrize 2013 was made possible only through the generous support of organizations that play a crucial role in creating the international event. The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is the Founding Sponsor of ArtPrize. Premier Leadership Sponsors include Amway, The Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation, Founders Brewing Company, Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University, Meijer, PNC Bank and The Rapid. Consumers Energy, The Daniel and Pamella DeVos Foundation, The Douglas and Maria DeVos Foundation, Frey Foundation, Haworth, The Iserv Company, Steelcase Inc., Subaru, Trivalent Group | HP, The VanderWeide Family Foundation and Wolverine Worldwide participate as ArtPrize 2013's Leadership Sponsors.

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