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If you're anything like us, you may not have much time during the day to explore ArtPrize in the sunlight. The good news is there's plenty of artwork that (quite literally) shines after dusk. Here's a list of entries that take on a whole new look at night:

Project Unity: Ten Miles of Track in One Day by Hwa-Jeen Na + Yuge Zhou, Ah-Nab-Awen Park

Project Unity: Ten Miles of Track in One Day memorializes the Chinesetranscontinental railroad workers whose identities were largely erased from the history of the United States. The three-channel video embeds over 100 names of the workers into the landscape of Promontory, Utah where they labored. The sculpture, composed of 36 pillars held together by black steel bands, uses the motif of a deconstructed circle to convey the struggle for connection. The effect is also one of a never-ending rail line.

Emergence by Lora Robertson, Rosa Parks Circle

This project activates at dusk with film screenings and live performances. Emergence is a guide for how to gather again while living through a pandemic. A 30- foot cedar tree is veiled as a bride would be to catch projection and provide a backdrop for performance. This cedar has a distinct sense of place and will stand in contrast to the landscaped trees in the park as a reminder to get back to nature.

Before You Go by Christian Reichle + Monica Pritchard, Blue Bridge

Before You Go is an audio-based installation that compiles a series of interviews the team conducted with members of the public from Grand Rapids and around the country. A vintage phone booth acts as the primary installation and invites spectators to come inside and hear excerpts of the interviews that have been compiled into several tracks that reflect the consistencies and similarities in respondents' answers. The project seeks to spark thought and conversation within a diverse group of people from multiple generations while exploring topics surrounding life, death and our collective hopes, dreams and regrets within them. Can't make it? 1-888-665-2036 to hear some selections from the interviews.

Nomadic Domiciles by Ted Lott, Grand Rapids Public Museum

America is one of the most mobile countries in the world. The average American moves more than 11 times in their life, more than 10% of Americans move every year. We are a country constantly moving, constantly renewing. Nomadic Domiciles is a grouping of three sculptures that each depict a house frame atop a set of four long curved legs. Each set of legs is unique, giving them individual character, while retaining their identity as a group, or herd, of homes. 

Funky Bronze by Jeffrey Bohl, Grand Rapids Public Museum

Whimsical, thought-provoking collection of bronze sculptures with great visual appeal! Displayed together on pedestals, these 5 unique (non-editioned) bronzes will draw attention and get people smiling and wondering! 


Here are some other must-see nighttime exhibits: 

Portion of Mine by Mandy Cano Villalobos, Grand Rapids Public Museum
Terminal by Kyle Burnett, Grand Rapids Public Museum
Adolescent Echo by Craig Merchant, Grand Rapids Public Museum
Red Glasses by Sam Noordhoff, Grand Rapids Public Museum
Mack by Tom Chase, Phares Grand Rapids Public Museum
Who's Protecting Whom? by Mark Chatterley, Grand Rapids Public Museum
Seasonal Transitions by Nasal Motawi, Grand Rapids Public Museum
You, Me and a Butterfly by VW Design Studio, Grand Rapids Public Museum
The Lamplighter by Tyler and Ashely Voorhees, Grand Rapids Public Museum
Chameleon Blind by Mara Baker, Grand Rapids Public Museum
Robot Resurrection by Shane Evans, Peppino's Downtown
Being in Time by David Wallace Haskins, Studio Park
Serpentina the Dragon by Jennifer Dunahee, Amway Grand Hotel


Written by Kati Molhoek, Communications Assistant

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