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A Reflection on ArtPrize 2021

By Kati Molhoek on

There has been an overarching theme for the past year and a half – we’re sure you’ve heard it and there’s a good chance you’ve said it yourself:

“This year is just a weird year.” 

We use it to explain our isolation and insecurity, our new obsessions with baking bread and taking naps in the middle of a work day. It is the reasoning behind the feeling of emptiness in the streets and anxiety in a public space.

There is no denying – this year was a weird year.


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Exhibits Kids Will Love at ArtPrize 2021

By Kati Molhoek on

You don’t need to be an expert to experience and enjoy ArtPrize! This 18-day, city-wide event is enjoyed by people of all ages, including kids! Below is a list of some of the best…

Take Home a Piece of ArtPrize 2021

By Kati Molhoek on

This year, it’ll be easier than ever to take home a piece of ArtPrize. 

In addition to the new prize awarding system, this fall we are introducing a new and easy way to bring home ArtPrize…

Why Participate in ArtPrize?

By ArtPrize on

So why enter ArtPrize? While the possibility of taking home part of the $250,000 in prizes may be motivation, it’s far from the only reason you should participate.

Here are four reasons…