Art is essential. Artists encourage critical discourse, challenge us to step outside of our comfort zones,  inspire generations of artists and art lovers, promote cultural understanding, and so much more. Like we said, essential.

We know it takes courage to embrace the spirit of ArtPrize, to take risks and push your creative boundaries, to create innovative and ambitious work in front of one of the largest contemporary art audiences in the world.

And so we’re excited to introduce $200,000 in grants designed to ensure artists have the financial support they need to realize their vision at ArtPrize 2021.

Artist Equity Grants ($50,000)

This new program will support a more diverse group of artists to participate in ArtPrize 2021 and seeks to underwrite work that focuses on diverse, innovative, challenging, and engaging themes. Selected artists will receive $1,000-$5,000 each to help with fabrication, shipping, travel, and other considerations necessary to support their participation in ArtPrize. Artist Equity Grants applications open April 19.

Public Project Grants ($50,000)

ArtPrize venues have the opportunity to award grants of $1,000-$5,000 each to artists exhibiting ambitious outdoor work, and use the promise of those funds to attract artists who might not otherwise participate. Public Project Grants applications open March 1.

Curatorial Grants ($100,000)

Individual curators, cultural institutions, and arts organizations will activate prominent outdoor locations in downtown Grand Rapids, exploring themes relevant to the community by hosting a diverse set of artists and artworks, and through events and performances. Grants sets of $3,000-13,000 each are available to support both the curator or organization and the individual artists. Curatorial Grants applications are open February 10-March 25, 2021.


Photo: Mycorrhizal Network by Colby Roanhorse at ArtPrize 2018

By Jaenell Woods on