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What Breathes Beneath Our Story

Bette Lynn Dickinson's avatar Bette Lynn Dickinson

What Breathes Beneath Our Story is a series of 19 claybord panels representing the biblical story of creation, fall, redemption and consummation. The movement from panel to panel communicates the essence of God’s story as He breathed it into being. The word for "spirit" in Hebrew and Greek is also "breath," God's Spirit works in both seen and unseen ways to create and redeem our world to the way it was meant to be. Throughout this work, the spiritual and the physical realm are depicted together so that what lies beneath the concrete images is a world of mystery; explosions of light and color that portray a spiritual reality.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth: 1
  • Medium: Liquid Acrylic and Oil on Claybord
  • Width: 20
  • Year created: 2010
  • Height: 4