Photo of Artbeaters Ensemble

Artbeaters Ensemble

Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Winners of the 6th International Jazz Competition Europafest 2012 (Bucharest, Romania) Peter Ugrin – violin, Aleš Ogrin – keys, Jan Gregorka – bass, Anže Žurbi – drm "Music is art, and sometimes we allow ourselves to play a bit of adaptation with support of intense beats in rhythm. Our original music can be identified as pure "world jazz" style of all musical genres based on improvisation." A special feature of the group’s music is the acoustic sound of the violin, often modified with the electronic effects of the synthesizers and the varied rhythms in the rhythm section support. All the members of the group are amazing musicians in their own right and have mastered enviable levels of quality playing which they now contribute to the group’s sound image. Since the members of the band are all highly educated jazz musicians, they respect their heritage, which is why a strong jazz influence can be felt in the band’s music, but it is never overwhelming in their own compositions.

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    Bucharest 2012

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