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Photo of Antonio Molinari

Antonio Molinari

Farmington Hills, MI, United States

Born and raised in Michigan, Antonio Molinari credits his artistic inspiration from his childhood spent in the countryside, where he fell in love with nature at a very young age. He particularly recalls admiring the openness of the land and being able to see as far as his eyes could see, waking up early just to watch the sunrise and “waiting for the rays of light to move as though dancing across the countryside”. His childhood romanticism led him to pursue an education in the arts, so he enrolled into the College for Creative Studies where he received his bachelors of fine arts degree in 2003. He now works as a creative designer at Lincoln Motor Company in Detroit where he sketches concept car interiors. Antonio creates fine art in his free time, where he channels his childhood for inspiration to create stunning and colorful contemporary paintings. He says, “I loved that energy and wonder so much that I am compelled to capture it. Pouring energy and wonder onto a canvas in hopes to share that same bliss of inspiration.” Antonio applies this theory directly to his methodology, and literally pours his paint onto his canvas in a technique called “paint pouring”. He controls the direction of the paint to create the translucent colors in multicolored and monochromatic palettes that characterize his works. The vibrant colors and shadowed textures that inspired him in his youth are expressed across the canvas, adding a positive and uplifting energy to his work. And while his use of color is undeniably exciting, it is still soft on its execution; the moment he creates is bold and spontaneous while simultaneously gentle, ethereal. The translucent colors overlap and intertwine, like veils suspended without gravity. Are we looking at a skirt made of organza or fine silk as it comes undone? Or is it a flower opening up ¬to us in the same provocation as Georgia O’Keefe suggested? Regardless of interpretation, the gentleness of these colored veils invites us into an intimate moment.

Antonio's ArtPrize Entries

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