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Photo of Alison Payne

Alison Payne

Highland, MI, United States

When I was little, I scribbled, then I drew. I even drew with bubbles on the bathroom tile. I could draw before I could even write my name. My love of art in all forms came from my mom. When I was young she would draw half of a picture then hand it over to me to complete. Once in school, I cut, pasted, drew, and painted- don’t they say that everything you need to know you learn in kindergarten? By the age of six my mom had me enrolled in an oil painting class. Later in school I learned photography, which helped me see the art in ordinary things. I also learned pottery and creative metals where I learned how to “build” art. Now that I am older art has become my therapy. Along my latest journey to doodle the “junk” out...... I connected…….to the real person inside of me, instead of whom I thought I had to be. Art came out of a very unlikely place. In the midst of all of the “junk” I found art and it has brought some sort of peace to my world.

Alison's ArtPrize Entries

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