Art is for Everyone

ArtPrize strives to connect people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to the world of art. We’re actively working to remove barriers to engagement and welcome a more diverse audience and participants.

The most captivating conversations happen when everyone’s voice is heard.

Community Engagement: ArtPrize strives to provide a platform for dialogue, not only about art—but also social equity. And as an independently organized event, ArtPrize encourages participants to not only organize their exhibitions, but also organize awards that honor specific achievements within the larger event. This year, ArtPrize will host a variety of independently organized awards celebrating artistic excellence in the African-American and Latin-American communities, as well as shining a spotlight on independent filmmakers and musicians.

Accessibility: ArtPrize is committed to providing art experiences that are accessible to everyone, including to those with mobility challenges. Through a partnership with Care Granted, a leader in the home healthcare space, ArtPrize is working to improve resources around accessibility as well as provide unique events and opportunities for visitors and their families.

Free Wheelchair Loan Program: Courtesy of Mary Free Bed and Airway Oxygen Inc., ArtPrize has wheelchair loans, free of charge, available at the Visitor Pavilion during the 19-day event.

Multilingual Resources: ArtPrize continues its efforts to reach members in our community that speak a language other than English. Spanish-language Event Guides are printed and distributed by ArtPrize media partner, El Informador. Bilingual educational resources and wayfinding signage helps families to explore the event.

The ArtPrize Studio Series and ArtPrize Awards events will include an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter. To request an ASL interpreter for an official ArtPrize event, please contact

Rapid Rides to ArtPrize: ArtPrize works with community partners and area schools to grant 10,000 individuals with a 10-ride Metro Pass and Event Guide, to help lower the barrier of participation for visitors that may not have access to transportation.

Arts Education: Through numerous partnerships with area schools as well as arts and cultural organizations, ArtPrize provides a range of free arts education programs and resources for students of all abilities and socioeconomic backgrounds so everyone has a voice in the conversation of what art is and why it matters—inspiring generations of artists and art-lovers.

Join ArtPrize as a partner or sponsor and help us achieve our social equity goals. Learn more about what we’re doing and how you can get involved.