Photo of Michael Sackey

Michael Sackey

Warren, Michigan,

Biography Mike studied fine art at Macomb Community College in Warren, MI (1991-1994). Course of study included drawing 1 and 2 and color and design 1 and 2. Studied oil painting extensively under MCC Art Director and Professor Dan Rosbury. He went on to study fine art at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI (1995-1996). Course of study included intensive oil painting and sculpture 1 and 2 . Michael was featured in multiple student art exhibits. After fourteen years as a floral designer, Michael joined The Display Group in 1999 and has since worked as a designer for the theme decor company. Professional, he produces theme displays, sketches and designs sets, sculpts and repairs custom props, and creates custom centerpieces. Michael also specializes in pipe and drape work and ceiling treatments. Additionally, Michael has been the drummer of the metro Detroit rock band The Shy since 1981 and has designed many of the band’s album covers.

Michael's ArtPrize Entries

These are Michael's official ArtPrize entries from this year and past years.