What is ArtPrize?
Check out the detailed About section.
When is ArtPrize?
September 14 - October 1, 2023
How can I stay up to date on ArtPrize information year round?
If you haven’t already, sign up for a new artprize.org account here. You’ll receive email updates regarding artist information and upcoming events.
How do I enter my work?
Artist registration for this year’s ArtPrize is open from May 8 to June 16, 2023. You can register your entry then at artprize.org. Registration must be completed online; there is no paper application. You can find more information here.
How do I submit a collaborative entry?
The submission form for a collaborative entry can be found next to the individual artist entry form. The fee for a collaborative entry is $100. One member of your team will register the entry. You will enter the collaboration group name, a bio describing your group, and then the individual member’s names. Aside from the group name, group bio, and individual member name, the form is similar to the individual entry form and thus can be filled out the same. If there are any questions or concerns, please contact support@artprize.org for assistance.
Does my entry have to be completed before I enter ArtPrize?
No. Oftentimes artists register an entry that hasn’t yet been completed. When you register, fill in your entry profile and personal artist profile as completely as possible. This includes a detailed description of your entry, as well as images, sketches, or renderings of your work in progress. Entry and artist profiles can be updated at any time, even after artist registration and Connections close. We only require that you complete your entry by the opening of the event on September 14.
How many pieces can I enter?
Each artist may submit only ONE entry. An entry may be several pieces that make up a series or an installation with several elements. Each entry must have one title, and it will be voted on as a single unit. To submit a series or multi-part installation as your entry, you’ll need to indicate the entire space needed to exhibit the work. Do this in the “Entry Details” section of your Entry Profile, and provide a description of the series, individual piece sizes, etc. in the “Description” section.
How much does it cost to enter?
When you register, you’ll pay a $50 registration fee. Collaborative entries (entries made by a team of two or more artists) are $100. All entries must be paid by credit card through our secure payment system online.
How do I find a venue to display my entry?
Once registered, you can browse the list of venues and request Connections (once the Connections period opens). Click the thumbnail image of a venue to review it and find out if it would be a good fit for your work. When you find someplace you like, click the black "Request Connection" button near the top-right corner of each venue profile page.
Can I connect with more than one Venue?
No. You can request Connections with as many venues as you’d like, but you can only secure a Connection with one venue. Once you’ve secured the connection online, the “Request Connection” function will be disabled for your entry, and all remaining pending Connections will lapse.
How many Venues should I request?
We recommend starting with six or seven requests. Again, you can request Connections with as many venues as you like, but ultimately you must connect with only one.
Can I reach out to venues before Connections?
Yes. Each venue is independently organized, and each has their own approach for organizing their exhibition. Some venues plan far ahead, some do not. It probably wouldn’t hurt to reach out to venues early, although it’s best to work with venues on their timelines. If the venues you'd like to connect with aren’t accepting proposals until Connections begin, reaching out early won’t help.
What happens if I don’t connect with a venue?
If you do not connect with a venue, you are not entered in ArtPrize. The $50 registration fee is non-refundable. As with most juried art exhibitions and open-call shows, not all artists who submit will be included in the final exhibition. Unlike most juried shows, however, ArtPrize will waive the 2024 registration cost for artists who do not connect with a venue in 2023.
I need to sign a Hosting Agreement with my venue. What is that and how do I get one?
The Hosting Agreement is a contract that must be signed between artist and venue before the Connection can be finalized. It covers installation details, insurance, shipping, and other important information. Generally, the venue coordinator you connect with will create the Hosting Agreement from a template provided to them by ArtPrize. Both parties will then review and sign the agreement. The hosting agreement will be distributed to artists by the venue, but artists can see a template, click here.
Do I need to insure my entry?
ArtPrize does not require artists to obtain insurance for their artwork, but it’s strongly encouraged. Some projects may require a permit by the city if they are exhibited on public property, such permits require insurance on a case by case basis. Please email support@artprize.org for inquiries.
When can I begin installing my work?
It depends on your venue. All delivery, installation, and de-installation details should be made directly with your venue coordinator.
Does ArtPrize provide me with labels or signage?
Yes. Your venue coordinator will receive official ArtPrize labels that must be displayed with each entry. They include voting information, title, medium, category, and artist name, as well as the artist’s city, state, and country. ArtPrize does not print artist statements, but we do provide digital templates if you’d like to create your own. (Artist Statement Template available summer 2023).
Where should I stay during ArtPrize?
We understand that participating in ArtPrize can be expensive for those artists traveling from out of town. Fortunately, there are wonderful volunteers who are ready to help reduce the cost of your stay. Each year, ArtPrize helps connect out-of-town artists with volunteers offering free temporary housing. Details around the Volunteer Artist Housing Program will come soon!
Do I need to be present with my entry during the event?
No, but we encourage you to attend. Our visitors really enjoy hearing directly from the artists about their work, and it’s a great chance to meet other participating artists.
How does voting work?
Anyone can vote in ArtPrize, so long as they’re present at the event and at least 13 years old. The general public votes online using the ArtPrize website.

During the event, visitors in the ArtPrize district can register to vote by registering as an attendee on the ArtPrize website and placing their votes via the ArtPrize voting platform or in person at a voting site.

During Round 1, voters choose the top twenty five Public Vote finalists. In Round 2, they vote again to choose the winners from among this group. The top vote-getter wins the $125,000 Public Vote Grand Prize, with the second-place entry awarded $50,000 and the third-place entry awarded $25,000.
Where do I get my artist badge?
You’ll receive an email from the Exhibitions Team closer to the event with artist-check-in location and hours. It’s important that you pick up your badge so that you can gain access into certain ArtPrize events and spaces.
What opportunities should I be aware of during ArtPrize?
ArtPrize offers artists a variety of opportunities during the event, including professional development workshops, access to ArtPrize hospitality spaces, and special events. Leading up to ArtPrize, be sure to stay tuned to all communication sent from the Exhibitions Team so that you don’t miss out.
Does ArtPrize release vote totals?
No. Vote totals are not released to the public or to artists. Voting is how we measure the public's response to ArtPrize, but we're careful not to let it turn into a horse race. Voting drives engagement, but it's only one small way people encounter your work. This is a similar approach to other arts awards, such as the Oscars or the Tonys, which also do not reveal vote totals.
Can I use the ArtPrize logo?
No. When promoting your ArtPrize entry, you are not permitted to use the ArtPrize logo. Instead, we will provide an Artist Icon that artists can use on promotional materials.
Where does the prize money come from?
ArtPrize is a 501c3 nonprofit. We fundraise year round to cover our entire operating budget, including the $400,000 awarded in prizes and the $200,000 distributed in grants to artists, curators, and educators. The largest source of contributions is corporate giving, followed by foundations, individuals, and government grants.
Who’s running ArtPrize now?
ArtPrize 2023 is presented in partnership by the City of Grand Rapids, Downtown Grand Rapids Inc., and Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University. However, the ArtPrize team is its own entity, organized under a Steering Committee and supported by the community in its efforts.
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