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Four Women of Ndebele at the Dome of the World

Walter Bailey's avatar Walter Bailey

The Four Women of Ndebele represent the fourth aRTwork in my Black Science Fiction /Afrofuturism Series. This Avant-garde painting is founded in the Black Expressionist style and marks my Next-Gen vision for aRT on acrylic glass called aCRYLIC Fusion aRTs Medium. aCRYLIC Fusion is the most transitional works in 22nd Century Conceptual Design genres and applies revolutionary aRT techniques for creating fine aRT on a smooth glossy surface. The Four Women tells the story of a civilization, 60 yrs. into the distant future. The work previews women from the galactic kingdom of Ndebele. They stand in the sanctuary under the dome city, where I captured them in my crowning Cat’s Eye motif (ground looking up view). They also represent four mighty ethnic rivers that cross this Science Fiction Era fantasy. In addition, Fusion paintings are created in my aRT Aint Flat No Mo Curvature Genre inside a 3-dimensional innovation. Fusion aRT features high-resolution imagery inside a highly reflective finish. From aRTist to Innovators and canvas to acrylic polymer mediums, aCRYLIC Fusion aRT represents five decades of aRTistic evolution in acrylic polymer mediums as aRT. These “Must See” aRTworks represent the full impact of Black Expressionism in aCRYLIC Fusion aRT. My interest is to pass on Fusion technique to Next-Gen visionaries for this century and beyond. Wrapb2030

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth: 1/8
  • Medium: aCRYLIC Fusion
  • Width: 51in
  • Year created: 2021
  • Height: 36in