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Tormented Souls

Brian Bartman's avatar Brian Bartman

This series of pen and ink drawings came from raw emotions and images that I have seen that stuck with me. After my tour in Iraq, drawing became a therapy, because I usually draw from my dark spots. Art helped me to funnel my negative energy into a positive outlet, to keep my racing thoughts from escalating. It takes about two to three days to finish each pen and ink drawing. The work starts with sketching on archival paper. Next, I develop the line work. then finish with fill in and edge sharpening. The third drawing, with the couple embracing, pictures me with my first wife. While struggling to escape a dark place, I cried out, “Don’t let me lose myself.” As I reached out, she embraced me in a gigantic hug. Art provided a way for me to communicate without words, to release my concerns, and to experience healing and restoration. NOTE: Proceeds from the sale of this art work will be donated to Zero Day. A Michigan non-profit dedicated to helping veterans and their families.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
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