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Black is King

Mila Lynn's avatar Mila Lynn

The Black is King Installation is meant to reprogram what the idea of "being Black" in America is. This collection portrays prominent figures in the Black Community as something other than victims and villains. The images chosen are uplifting, colors are harmonious, and the crowns remind us that there is power within our community. In addition, the "Rest In Peace" Thrones are an installation of guided meditation targeted to the Black Community. One day, it dawned on me that the phrase "Rest in Peace' is always tied to trauma and loss, but when do we ever rest in peace in this lifetime? It's as if we are all enduring constant pain to eventually find peace in our demise. I wanted to create a place to encourage my BIPOC Community to take a moment and be intentional about reframing, regrouping, and most of all simply resting. The meditations reinforce confidence and worthiness because those are two things that are taken from someone dealing with experiences involving racism. Art heals.

Entry Details
  • Art form: Installation
  • Depth: n/a
  • Medium: Acrylic Paintings
  • Width: 8ft
  • Year created: 2021
  • Height: 16ft