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Catch of the Day


I begin creating patters on paper. Using carbon paper, I transfer the shapes onto aluminum sheets previously used in the production of pages from The Record Eagle newspaper, in Traverse City, MI. I cut the aluminum patterns out then trace around each shape on sheets of stained glass. The glass I chose is made with formulas that date back to 1888. Because of the number of colors in the glass, this Kokomo Opalescent stained glass is only made around the days after Thanksgiving. Artisans mix potash and sand to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit and then add specific amounts of metallic oxide powders to create each color. The Artisans then blend the colors in sheets of glass 32” X 84” X 1/8” thick. Steel rollers make the texture on one side, and smooth on the other side. I trace the patterns on the smooth side. Each piece of glass that I cut by hand, is then edged in copper. Each fish is held in place with horseshoe nails. The final assembly takes place as I melt lead and tin using a 400-Watt soldering iron. Each fish is made this way and then attached to the spleen by melting lead and tin to copper. In “Catch of the Day”, each fish moves independently from each other. At the same time each one is connected to one “spleen”, made from solid brass. The interconnection of the fish in “Catch of the Day” metaphysically symbolizes how each person’s soul is “connected” to one another’s soul and “connected” to the creator of all that is. Each of us shares a unique awareness of a higher-self, our feelings, and our motive. The mobile “Catch of the Day” symbolizes the connection to the "sacred feminine,” to what some call intuition, some hear voices of their guides, or as some call our guardian angel. While you experience the blend of colors in the stained glass, connect to your "sacred feminine": access the dreams of your heart and soul and let this connection facilitate each decision and action you choose each day.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth: 22 inches
  • Medium: Stained Glass
  • Width: 48 inches
  • Year created: 2001
  • Height: 36 inches