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(In My Dreams We) Levitate

Eli Kahn, Jordan Hamilton, & Eric Friedlander

"(In My Dreams We) Levitate" is a musical composition written/recorded by composer/guitarist Eli Kahn (South Bend, IN) & mixed in immersive audio by Eric Friedlander (Los Angeles, CA). Jordan Hamilton (Kalamazoo, MI) arranged & recorded the string parts. The piece was written/recorded during the summer of 2020 during the COVID-19 quarantine & is based on the idea that while we are all being confined by the pandemic, we are able to achieve freedom through our dreams, be they our aspirations & passions, or simply escaping through fantasy (the most literal interpretation of dreams) where we are unbound from our earthly condition. The instrumentation features classical guitar/voice/programming/synths/strings & is mixed in fully immersive audio, which is then played back through 8 speakers set up in the round, allowing for the various elements of the piece to move around the listener in different directions, bringing the composition to life with texture & movement in a unique manner.

Entry Details
  • Art form: Time-Based
  • Depth: 40 Feet
  • Medium: Music
  • Width: 40 Feet
  • Year created: 2020
  • Height: 10 Feet

About Eli Kahn, Jordan Hamilton, & Eric Friedlander

Our team is made up of Eli Kahn from South Bend, IN (composer/musician/producer), Eric Friedlander (of Tower 21) in Los Angeles, CA (immersive audio/mixing engineer), & cellist Jordan Hamilton (Kalamazoo, MI), who arranged & recorded the string parts.