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Hello, Nature

Seongbae Cho's avatar Seongbae Cho

   I am interested in the beauty that is inherent in Nature. I can discover it when I am walking in the city or in the woods. I take a picture to get the beauty and I express it with oil paint on canvas as an abstract landscape. My painting shows an intermediate stage between abstract and representation. The beauty that I discovered is a thought and a feeling. My thought and feeling are an abstraction from an object and simultaneously a non-objective concept.    I progressed this idea, using digital devices as material to express my thoughts and feelings. Also, I focus on little natural things for this idea. I take pictures of insects, birds, flowers, and landscapes. Then I put the photographs in my computer program which is a code to detect the contour of a natural object in my photographs. It makes lines like a fractal structure in the image. Then the program slices the image into triangular pieces by following the lines in the fractal structure. I recombine triangular pieces randomly to make a new image about the beauty which is inherent in nature. Lastly,  I print this new digital image on an aluminum panel.    All of this digital processing belongs to abstraction. The computer works this task with numbers. The photo image is just in numbers on the computer. The numbers exist as a substance by I printed them on an aluminum panel. Hereby, I made the beauty that exists in Nature into materiality that I can have in my hand.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth: 2.7cm(float mount)
  • Medium: U.V. print on aluminium panel
  • Width: 30 cm(12 inches))
  • Year created: 2021
  • Height: 30 cm(12 inches)