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Street Strings

Katrina Rae's avatar Katrina Rae

I recently have been working on a body of work involving street musicians of Edinburgh, emphasizing on stringed instruments. I’m trying to bring through my paintings the awareness of such gifted musicians, that often are over looked or passed by while performing on the open streets. These three musicians were chosen for their love of the instrument and the emotion in which they played. I tried through color and composition to portray kinship with the instrument. Each musician being separated by the other, yet when displayed together forming a union as artists, creating a visual experience. The cellist is done using orange tones to represent the strength and weight of the base, along with the grounding characteristics of the instrument. The guitarist was done in blue to represent the music style in which he was playing and his specific mood while performing. He is also representing tradition for his country by wearing a kilt. The violinist is purple to represent the prestige, royalty and tradition of the instrument. All three paintings have the main portrait colors in each painting, though small and possibly overlooked in the details. Symbolism of tradition, color , movement of clothing and composition was intentional. The medium in which I work with is stick pastel, for its softness and strength of pigment. I work on insulation board for its weightlessness, and its traditional usage as a protective barrier. My painting surface is UV polyurethane protected.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth: 2inches
  • Medium: Pastel
  • Width: 164 inches
  • Year created: 2020
  • Height: 74 inches