Adolescent Echo

Craig Merchant's avatar Craig Merchant

“Adolescent Echo” is an interactive outdoor installation. Large birdhouses painted in vivid colors will repeat short phrases that are spoken into them – like an echo. At night, the birdhouses shine a green kaleidoscope light on the ground creating a unique lighting effect. Bird nests created from a unique material (Ramen noodles!) can be found in the area surrounding the birdhouses. --------- Children are like sponges, always listening and repeating what they see and hear, and that is the inspiration behind this piece. I believe that children are born naturally good. As adults, it is our responsibility to be a good example for their growing minds. The bird houses are painted in vibrant colors to represent youthfulness, and the eggs inside the nests are white to represent the pure goodness of young children. I hope that this artwork inspires adults to always be mindful of their actions and words, and the impact it may have on youth.

Entry Details
  • Art form: Installation
  • Depth: 50'
  • Medium: Wood, electronics
  • Width: 30'
  • Year created: 2021
  • Height: 7'