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Through the Storm Shines the Light

Colin Mead's avatar Colin Mead

Here is my larger painting. Finally done. Actually, there are still a couple of tweaks I would like to do to it, but for the most part, it is done. The photos are a bit dark because I didn't have enough room in my studio to light it without getting reflections off of the paint. This painting has quite a bit of significance to me. I have been facing a few storms in my life in the past couple of years. I lost my job at the start of the pandemic. Recently, I faced a literal storm. On August 12 a tornado or possibly straight line winds knocked at least 12 very large trees down around my house. Three trees, each at least 2.5 foot in diameter fell on my house. Another fell on my garage and yet another two fell on my privacy fence. My faith is God has helped me through this period of trials. I know that eventually light will prevail just as God's faithfulness always prevails.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth: 4 inches
  • Medium: Oil Paint
  • Width: 8 feet
  • Year created: 2021
  • Height: 6 feet