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Meet the Pets: Presidential Animals from A to Z

Wendy Popko, Cathy Collison & Janis Campbell

Our entry, Meet the Pets: Presidential Animals from A to Z, Is a 2D series of acrylics on canvas that tells the story of presidents and their pets and how they made news and still do today. The artwork for this entry makes up the picture book, Meet the Pets, which will be published in September. The illustrations, organized alphabetically, feature 26 animals that made headlines, often as much or more than the presidents themselves. From alligator to zebra, these critters captivated the press and the public. The paintings showcase rooms and locations in the White House as well as a presidential train tour and the National Zoo. Playful poems accompany each animal and share a bit of their story in a whimsical way. Each artwork has a collage element hidden within the paintings, including historic newspaper stories, letters and other documents to share more about the animals and the history of presidential pets, right up to the present.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth: Each panel is 3/4'' deep
  • Medium: Mixed media with acrylic paint, painted over reproduced historic documents, newspaper articles (public domain/with permissions) and letters.
  • Width: Of the 17 canvases, 16 are 36'' W X 18 H and one is 18'' W X 36'' H
  • Year created: 2021
  • Height: 18 inches (with one canvas flipped to be 36 inches tall).

About Wendy Popko, Cathy Collison & Janis Campbell

Our team of three women includes Wendy Popko, an award-winning visual artist and book illustrator and authors Cathy Collison and Janis Campbell.