Robert F Battles

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Unlike those lovely harps of Calatrava, which sing their way across the depths, these bridges of mine are of a different order. The sculptural order is to occupy space with its volume + to give off a sense of its weight. It is about balance, harmony + order. Surface treatment is intended to help with the navigation of its three-dimensionality. #1 "Black and White Interlock" #2 "Bridging Red + White" #3 "The Bridge" The Sculptures are made of 3/4" plywood glued and screwed together, then covered with plastic laminate. The forms, to some degree suggest bridges or bridging. The pedestals are conceived as a formal part of the overall sculpture.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth: 7'
  • Medium: Plastic Laminate over Plywood / Ink
  • Width: 3'
  • Year created: 1990
  • Height: 4'