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Zoe - A Living Sea Sculpture

Colleen Flanigan's avatar Colleen Flanigan

This Living Sea Sculpture, Zoe, is installed in Cozumel, Mexico and disseminated worldwide through a virtual aquarium - zoecoral.com - livestreaming 24/7. Low voltage electricity precipitates minerals to fortify the sculpture to become an evolving, life supporting habitat for corals and biodiversity in a region devastated by hurricanes, pollution, tourism, and climate change. Zoe means “life” in Greek, and this project is named in memory of Zoe Anderson, a young woman who wanted to save corals and who tragically died from carbon monoxide poisoning. It's a sad irony that carbon monoxide's sister molecule, carbon dioxide, is threatening our entire planet. As a memorial and coral refuge, this project uses the power of art, science, and technology to highlight life’s fragility and its promise. Nothing happens in a vacuum. If the ocean teaches us anything, it’s that everything is connected and we belong to the same planet. It’s our job to create the conditions for life to flourish.

Entry Details
  • Art form: Time-Based
  • Depth: 9'
  • Medium: Live Video and Photos
  • Width: 15'
  • Year created: 2016
  • Height: 6'