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Oh Michigan, Our Michigan

Mark Del Covell's avatar Mark Del Covell

The natural beauty and splendor of the Great lakes State abounds in this musical tribute to our 26th State of the nation! An historical perspective as told through heart-felt lyrics and warm melody. (YOU MAY SCROLL DOWN TO BOTTOM OF THIS SITE TO LISTEN TO SONG) Performed by the Mark Del Band: Mark Del, lead vocals & guitar; Nathan Treman, cello; Jill Boehm, flute; Teresa Boehm, vocals; Aaron Piskin, violin; Clarissa Hubert, piano. LYRICS: "There's a State an amazing place unlike any you've seen in this world with it's Great Lakes surrounding grace helping all the four seasons unfurl. Mother Nature's awesome wonder carved from a heavy ole' glacial flow. Her robins sing thru springtime thunder then fly away before falling snow. Oh Mich Our Mich how she beckons me to explore. Like a long lost kin I'm back again in fertile fields we strolled before. From her big city rush to her small town hush to her fresh water white-capped shores. Where it all began in Mich it's Mich once more... She's so alive see as you take a drive along her bountiful orchard groves. Hike on her dunes hear wailing calls from loons from your camp off an inlet cove. An Ice-age land born under what hidden glacial gifts bestow. Her hibernators dorm thru winter's slumber under a dancing northern lights show. Oh Mich Our Mich so thankful to be living here. Just get away from the grind and cast your fishing line among the elk and bear so near. Where wolverines once growled timberwolves now howl their call of the wild we somehow fear. Natives found this land and named her Mich before the rest of us were ever here... Oh Mich Our Mich. 'If you seek a pleasant peninsula look about you' at the Straits of Mackinaw you'll feel how I do. From the Porcupine Range in the UP to the magic of Motown's Motor City two worlds sharing her soil 'bout as far apart as you can get. Formed in the shape of a mitt the size a Creator's hand could only fit... Oh Mich Our Mich I was born and raised will never leave. After a work week's time when the church bells chime we stand and sing and believe. Oh Mich Our Mich Petoskey shines just like a gem! Scenic sunset coast beaches bend beyond the reaches yonder still never ceasing to end... Now others move down to Dixie or out west to desert sand still I'll stay right here thru my twilight years under the white pines of Mich ... Mich Oh Mich Our Mich again ..." end

Entry Details
  • Art form: Time-Based
  • Depth: N/A
  • Medium: Music Composition
  • Width: N/A
  • Year created: 2017
  • Height: N/A