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Roma Hall

Patrick Hershberger's avatar Patrick Hershberger

Roma Hall began in the 1930’s after the Russo family apartments were damaged in the 1920’s. The hall changed names throughout time, but Club Indigo stood out as a marker for jazz shows through 1940. The establishment served Grand Rapid’s African American community through the decades into the late 80’s and was demolished in 1991 due to the deterioration of the roof. The Russo family were not allowed to collect any of the ledger books and memorabilia stored in the hall prior to its destruction, so much of the internal history was lost. Where Roma Hall once stood is a Burger King. In an era of the Red Line and segregation, Roma Hall was a Italian owned business that served ethnic communities in Grand Rapids. Spaceman Frank dabbles in time travel, and on his last visit to Grand Rapids checked out Monroe Avenue of the 1950's. For his return trip he'll experience the music of popular local jazz musician Bennie Carew. Look for him in all the panels!

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
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