SexAbility: Smashing Stereotypes with Sex Appeal

Rynita Shepherd's avatar Rynita Shepherd

Consider the pressures all women face, trying to live up to societal expectations to be physically perfect. These pressures are amplified for women with visible physical disabilities who want, need, yearn to be seen as beautiful, capable, sexual, women! Society expects so little of people with disabilities that we are rarely thought of in this light. The women represented in these drawings all have the same rare condition as myself, Arthrogryposis. SexAbility is a direct response to the social disadvantages women with disabilities, like myself, face on a daily basis due to stereotyping. I hope to smash these stereotypes, challenge viewers to see things from a different perspective, and open their minds to our truth.  The need to be recognized as beautiful, sexy, and able mothers, lovers, and wives is an intense journey. We are completely discredited as sexy, capable women by society due to our physical differences. We have the same hopes, dreams, and desires. We are every woman.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth:
  • Medium: Digital Drawing Charcoal
  • Width: 5’
  • Year created: 2018
  • Height: 6’