Two sides to every story

Susan DuBay's avatar Susan DuBay

"Two Sides to Every Story" started with a little niggle with a piece of plywood that was sitting in my driveway. "Two Sides to Every Story" is a series of 4 recycled panels that told it's own story no matter how much I tried to guide it. Each piece is double sided and each panel is different in size. I used layer after layer of acrylic washes to paint each panel over the last few months. Each piece represents tools I use to cope with the symptoms of bipolar, anxiety and depression. "Strength" with its wire and hand cut tin can leaves and bold background is the face I put on when I am at my lowest. "Peace" on the opposite side with the abstract water lillys shows the peace I feel from the nature around me. "Above" with its depiction of clouds is another tool from nature I use to cope with anxiety. Letting the breeze blow away all of the negative feeling while the opposite side of the panel "Below" represents the earth that keeps me grounded. "Hanging On" is what you have to do to make it through a bout of depression which causes you to hang onto the negative as well which takes me to "Letting Go". "Letting Go" is the freedom I feel when the depression leaves me. "Sunrise" is another coping skill using nature to find the beauty in the world as well as the opposite side "Rain". From a very young age, I knew I loved creating things. Much to the dismay of Elementary School art teachers, I wouldn't follow the directions but would take my assigned supplies and make my own version of the project. To this day, I still find inspiration in the world around me; from my family to nature's beauty. When I look at a tin can I see the possibility of leaves on a tree. When I look at a wine bottle I see the possibility of a wind chime. Trees often appear in my work. The juxtaposition of branches above and roots below seem to me like my own bipolar illness; one single being with two different directions. Creating art calms my depression as I believe with art we bare our souls.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth:
  • Medium: Acrylic
  • Width:
  • Year created: 2018
  • Height: