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Mermaid Symphony

Nicole Coman's avatar Nicole Coman

What is the symphony of the sea but waves and waves and what's to be. The calming movements of the water and the crisp smell in the air of water, our worlds largest resource. About 96.5% of all the Earth's water is contained within our oceans. Unfortunatley, there is starting to be as much pollution in the water as there are fish. I am hoping to make people think of the impact their lives filled with disposable products has on the environment. Put yourself in the mermaids, flippers - they are happy in the water, so beautiful and vibrant, but their environment is being shattered by our careless waste. So think about it every time you throw away a bottle out the window or in the street. The drains lead to the rivers and the rivers lead to the oceans.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth:
  • Medium: mixed
  • Width: 4 feet
  • Year created: 2018
  • Height: 6 feet