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The Last Man Standing

Andy and Noah Sacksteder

From 16 million to just over 400,000, the number of US WWII veterans falls by at least 400 each day. These numbers became the spark to Andy and Noah Sacksteder, the child of a WWII Navy veteran and grandchild of two WWII veterans. respectively, who grew up hearing the harrowing tales of their father's and grandfathers' time in war. Andy's piece, a life-sized bronze sculpture of an aged war veteran, represents the last of a generation of soldiers and nation builders. He will be standing and saluting, his posture as straight and proud as his stooped frame will allow. Behind him sits his wheel chair. And behind that stands Noah's 4ft x 6ft mural framed in a window. In the foreground of the mural is a 20-year-old soldier composed of mixed fabric, acrylic and other material, who represents our veteran in his youth. Around him, a field full of crosses lie above his fallen comrades. Above him, a newspaper sky filled with headlines of the era.

Entry Details
  • Art form: Installation
  • Depth: Need approx 5 ft by 8 ft floor space in front of wall for man and wheelchair
  • Medium: bronze statue and mixed media hanging wall art
  • Width: 8 feet wall width
  • Year created: 2018
  • Height: 6 to 8 feet wall height for wall art which will hang on a wall (will not be painted on a wall)

About Andy and Noah Sacksteder

Andy and Noah Sacksteder are a father son team. This will be Andy’s fifth entry at ArtPrize. His bronze sculptures have earned him recognition and top prizes in the past, including third place Peoples Choice in 2013 for “UPlifting”, and first place Installation in 2015 for “Reach and Splash”. Andy strives to tell a story with his art.