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Mher Khachatryan's avatar Mher Khachatryan

I was born in Armenia, the first Christian country in the world, which accepted Christianity in 301 AD. I encourage everyone to visit Armenia, even if you are not Christian, you will be greeted with love and smile. You can see one of the first Churches ever built. I painted Jesus because he is my savior and my best friend who I talk to through my prayers. I thank God every day for the opportunity to live and to create. He gave me the faith to believe in myself and my goals. During the hard times when I failed, he never left my side. When we set our goals we have to put our faith in God, and trust that things will work out the best possible way. During the hard times say thank you God for all the things I have and I know this one will also have great outcome. In the process of this journey to your dreams and goals you become a different person, which is far more important than the dream. You walk with different kind of spirit. People will see you and will know that you know what life is, because even though you have been through hardship, you over came it with God. I live and paint for the glory of God.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 2-D
  • Depth: 1.5"
  • Medium: Oil on canvas
  • Width: 78"
  • Year created: 2018
  • Height: 132"