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web of life

Richard Godbold's avatar Richard Godbold

I have no formal sculpture training, but have found in sculpture an outlet for a vivid imagination and as an added bonus, provides relief from everyday stresses of life through being creative. This is an original sculpture developed over a number of years from early prototypes to the last sculpture in the series, made of bronze, which is not entered this year, bearing a copyright date of 1980. The "Web of Life" sculpture which emerged encapsulates the complexities of life. It is deceptive in its manner of creation. One would think it was built by an additive process of attaching clay tubes at the multiple connection points. Instead, this is carved from a solid clay block. Carving avoided the inevitable slumping which occurs with wet clay. Because of the increasing design complexity, It was unknown whether the final work could be created in clay, hence the bronze sculpture was completed. The entry in this years event, shows the sculpture can indeed be created in clay. Setting aside the connection points, which must be present, there are four sculptural forms, which the glaze wonderfully illustrates. This intermingling of multiple forms in a shared space is the basis, I believe, for the title. I did not have the ability to finish this sculpture by myself, and so would like to thank Randy Ritter of Vestaburg for the initial kiln firing of the clay sculpture entered this year, and "Your Creative Escape" in Eaton Rapids where the sculpture was glazed this year, 2018, after a long inactive period. I struggle with titles and thank my father-in-law, Phil Moore, for coming up with an excellent one.

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth: 8 inches
  • Medium: glazed clay
  • Width: 7 1/2 inches
  • Year created: 1980
  • Height: 8 inches