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Never Shrink, Never Fade

Marie Wohadlo's avatar Marie Wohadlo

I base most of my projects on photography — a medium which has enjoyed from its inception the strongest of innate claims to “reality”. One of my underlying motives has always been to dispel its magical grip while "objectifying" it into quilts, weavings, and mosaics. Combined with fiber — the decades-old phrase “high tech, high touch” is only increasingly applicable as I wrangle with the chasm between the mathematical perfection of my computer as a design tool and my imperfect hands which ultimately make everything. Why? Because seeing is believing but touching is knowing. This current project is a woven talisman consists of 60,000 glass beads in nine colors and a medium representing a partial return to childhood and simplicity. However, since beginning this project, I experienced sexual harassment and a photo-weaving is now a talisman for self-empowerment. #metoo @fodopro

Entry Details
  • Art form: 3-D
  • Depth: variable
  • Medium: glass bead weaving with metal and display structure
  • Width: 10 inches
  • Year created: 2018
  • Height: 31 inches