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Willie Baronet's avatar Willie Baronet

WE ARE ALL HOMELESS is a long term art project that began in 1993 when I started buying and collecting homeless signs as a way to deal with my discomfort when I saw someone on the street with a sign. Since 2008 I've done 30+ installations of signs in the US and UK, which are used to start conversations about this difficult topic. In 2015 we completed a documentary called SIGNS OF HUMANITY, which explores the inter-related themes of home, homelessness, compassion and humanity. It captured a cross country trip from Seattle to San Diego to New York, where we bought signs and interviewed people in 24 cities. The film has just been accepted into its 8th film festival. The project has been covered by NPR, BuzzFeed, HuffPost, the Fast Company blog (posted by Katie Couric). A video about the project uploaded to Upworthy and Hooplaha has been viewed over 7.7M times and shared over 100K times. The installations are tailored to the space in which they reside. I currently have over 1400 signs.

Entry Details
  • Art form: Installation
  • Depth: TBD
  • Medium: various materials, homeless signs
  • Width: TBD
  • Year created: 2009
  • Height: TBD